Our Mission: To change and educate a nation, on fitness, nutrition and supplementation.
We want to physically empower good people!

The CrossFit Island 242 Community

CrossFit Island 242 is a high level multifaceted training facility. We have created a community of individuals that support, work hard, play hard and have fun together!!

We welcome ALL fitness levels, ages (5 and up) and individuals from all walks of life.

Everyone is an Athlete!

We consider everyone who steps into CrossFit Island 242 as an athlete!
Whether you are a Pro Basketball player or a homemaker, you are an athlete, and everyone – good or bad – will get the same treatment and attention from our coaches. We encourage everyone to ask for help on anything they feel they need assistance with. We are here to help!

You Are a Stranger Only Once!

Like Big Rob always says: “I want all my champs to know each other!”.
We consider CrossFit Island 242 our community, and we take great pride in helping and motivating each other. We therefore encourage everyone to introduce themselves and make an effort to know the names of the people you are working out with.
So, as a rule of thumb, when you see new faces in the box, take a minute to say hello!

Make the decision and commit today – we are waiting for you…

Come join us at CrossFit Island 242 for some Sun, Fun & Fitness!

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