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If you are not familiar with CrossFit, you may think that our prices are higher than regular gym memberships. What do you really get from a typical gym membership? You pay a flat fee to use the equipment – that’s it!

For your membership at CrossFit Island 242, you get group sessions that are like semi-personal training. We program your workouts, teach techniques, observe and correct your form, scale the workout if necessary, teach you to track your progress AND we offer nutritional programs for a small additional fee.

We are committed to every client, who walks through our door, because we want to see you succeed by reaching your fitness goals. All you have to do, is commit and give it your all when you are here and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

3 Days a Week – $75 a month.

Nutritional Package – $50/month.

Unlimited Training (incl. Olympic Heights) – $120/month.

This package gives you unlimited CrossFit classes as well as unlimited access to the newest and most technically advanced gym on the island!

Bonus: We want to show you that if you commit to doing the work, we will help any way we can, so we are giving you a FREE personalized meal plan, tailored to your specific fitness goals!

Get a personalized diet plan, tailored specifically for your fitness goals. We can help you to lose weight, gain muscle or get you competition ready…

What ever your dream may be – our diet plan will get you there!

Remember: You can’t out train a bad diet!


Law Enforcement Officers, Military, Firefighters, Teachers, Students Discount – 10% off

Bring in your ID showing your status as one of the above and qualify for our discount!

Family Discounts – 15% off

Special discount to families, who live under the same roof. Couples, parents & kids qualify!

Corporate Discount!

Get 5 or more of your co-workers together and ask for a special discount!

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